How Laser Therapy Treatment Works

How Smoking Makes You Feel Good

To fully understand how laser therapy works, you should first know how smoking a cigarette makes you feel relaxed.

When you smoke a cigarette, natural chemicals in your body, called endorphins, send signals to your brain to make you think you feel better. Nicotine addiction alters the normal endorphin cycle in your body so you have a hard time feeling good without the use of cigarettes. As you know, the effects of nicotine wear off quickly (usually 1 to 2 hours). As time goes by, endorphin levels in your body drop far below normal, and you begin to feel extremely irritable, stressed-out, fatigued, and anxious for another cigarette. After you inhale again, endorphin levels are raised back up to a point where you feel better. And so the cycle continues, hour by hour, day by day, year by year. This is nicotine addiction.

How Low Level Laser Therapy Works

Just as cigarettes raise endorphin levels in your body to make you feel relaxed, so does Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). By elevating levels of endorphins, laser therapy allows you to eliminate nicotine from your body while avoiding the cravings, stress, and irritability most commonly associated with withdrawal. The difference between cigarettes and laser treatment is the laser naturally stimulates your cells to release endorphins over a much longer period of time - 3 to 5 days versus 1 to 2 HOURS for a cigarette. It has been proven that it takes approximately three to five days to allow nicotine to leave your body completely. Consequently, we include a second laser treatment to help you win your battle with your body’s addiction to nicotine.

After about 5 days, you have successfully eliminated nicotine from your body. From that point, your mental battle with your addiction will become the challenge. This is where the information we gather about you and your addiction will be vital to succeeding. Our professional consultants will be there for you as you cope with your mental habits. We will pledge to give you the information and support you need to win your ongoing mind-games.

Our 3-Step Process to Success:

   1. Personalized, Through Consultation

   2. Laser Therapy

   3. Ongoing Support

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