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Blue Chip Laser's corporate program is the premier provider of smoking cessation services to businesses in the Chicago area. We team up with corporations that wish to improve the health and productivity of their workforce. More specifically, we help employers of all sizes and budgets provide workplace-based assistance to employees interested in quitting smoking. Our innovative wellness solution is easy, efficient and cost-saving.

As political conditions are changing in Illinois, it is becoming increasingly apparent that employers can make a significant impact in the lives of their employees by providing resources to help them quit smoking. Besides the obvious health benefits, it makes good business sense to help people overcome their addiction to nicotine. Billions of dollars in corporate earnings are lost annually as a result of increased absenteeism, additional medical expenses, and decreased productivity directly attributed to the smoking habits of American employees. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, the average additional cost to a business for each smoking employee is $3,400 per year.

Although nicotine dependence is our nation’s #1 preventable health problem, the good news is that it is preventable. Our mission is to improve lives by partnering with organizations and their employees to deliver cost-saving smoking cessation initiatives with measurable results.

For more information about our corporate service offering, or to schedule an appointment to meet with a Blue Chip Laser representative, please contact us at (224) 633-8643.

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